Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 12 Fort Bragg to Manchester Beach KOA 40 miles (total miles 515)

We got kind of a late start today as it is tougher leaving a bed than a cold tent in the morning.   Grandpa had the second small mechanical problem of the trip.  A hose clamp that holds his seat to the frame broke but luckily there was an auto parts store next door to our motel that was open on the 4th so it was a quick cheap and easy fix and we didn't have to rig up something on the road with zip ties and wire.

The weather has been great for riding.  Sunny skies and temps in the70s and the Mendocino coastline is just spectacular.

Also astonishingly undeveloped even compared to Oregon. Tiny little towns are scattered 10-20 miles apart and they are all tiny without much more than a few houses and general store.  We had lunch in Albion
and an afternoon snack breaking Elk
and we took one more break
Here is the view from our break spot

Before pedaling into the Manchester KOA. The KOA people were very nice to us. The campground was completely packed but I had called ahead the week before and the manager said she would find us a spot which she did as we were on bikes.  The guy before me in line was kind of obnoxious demanding a spot with no reservations.  She looked at him and said sorry no space but we have one delux cabin for $200 for 1 night only take it or leave it.  He took it.  It is the 4th of July weekend and we are now within 100 miles of San Francisco so every campground and hotel within 100 miles seems booked solid here on the coast which isn't surprising. The State Parks all have Hiker/Biker sections that are always available.  They just squeeze you in if you arrive by bike but turn you away if you arrive by RV so we have been lucky.  Here is our campsite.  

While I did laundry Catalina learned how to play pool and made friends with an 11 year old kid named Diego who I am guessing was Argentinian after hearing him talk to his parents 

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  1. Ha! I'm so glad the bikers are getting special treatment :-) grampa looks like he's about to pass out... You guys doing ok?