Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 9 Eureka to Burlington Campground 54 miles (total miles 383.5)

Somewhere today the little Canon camera vanished.  Probably fell out of my handlebar bag when the bike tipped over at a rest break and I didn't notice.  Regardless it is gone so I will only be taking iPhone photos from here on and will be doing shorter posts if I have to type on the phone.  I think the iPhone pictures are better than what the blogger iPhone app posts.  It just shrinks them a lot.

In any event we had nice riding for the morning out of Eureka with a tailwind and pulled into Fortuna for lunch.  Catalina was happier with today's choices!

Soon after Fortuna we pulled off Highway 101 to ride through the redwoods. The old highway is now called Avenue of the Giants and runs parallel but through redwood groves.  My pictures of the redwood groves are gone but here are some of our campground.   

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