Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day 14 Ocean Cove to Bodega Dunes 27 miles (total miles 585)

We got a late start from the Ocean Cove Lodge which turned out to be a hidden gem.  The coffee and muffins from the lobby were great and Catalina was happy with her Sat morning cartoons. It was also a foggy morning and we thought it might burn off but never really did until we were almost at the campground. 

Here is our first morning rest stop in the fog. 

One would expect Highway 1 to become wider and more developed as we approach San Francisco. But it has been the opposite.  10 miles into today's ride we were winding over mountains and clinging to cliffs on a tiny narrow mountain road. Cattle were grazing along the road and we crossed numerous cattle guards as we passed various ranches.  This is some of what the scenery and highway looked like

We had lunch at another country store in Jenner, another tiny coastal town. 

And we had our first chance to use our first aid kit as Grandpa scraped his leg on a guard rail and needed a band aid

Catalina spotted more seals on the beach. 

The last 10 miles got increasingly crowded with cars as we started to finally   encounter the weekend vacation traffic but we made it into our campground where they had another hiker biker site for us at an otherwise packed full campground.  I asked the ranger if the ever turned away bikers because they were too full and she said no.  Even on the 4th of July weekend you are good if you arrive by bike or foot.  They have secret spillover spots they will open for bikers if necessary so that is good to know even though this is our last night camping. 

Catalina is ready to have her computer and internet connection back after 3 weeks on the road

Tomorrow we have our final 58 mile ride into our hotel near the base of the Golden Gate.  The road veers inland so it will be warmer to Catalina's delight and I think the last 15-20 miles are on suburban streets and bike paths. 

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  1. Wow, that was a pretty narrow road. Chilly, too. Was it about 60? Catalina has been such a trooper, and so have you guys, towing all that weight.
    Well, the rest of the Linds are spending the night at the Ocean View Inn in Crescent City. This is a gem, but not exactly hidden.... It's the #1 hotel in town according to Tripadvisor. Our rooms are fantastic.
    We had a so so dinner at the Fisn'n Chips restaurant right next to us, and a wonderful time at the Ocean World Aquarium (see photos on photostream).
    We are ready for bed now, in order to get an early start tomorrow. Redwood Trees, here we come!
    We hope to come across a trio of bikers on our way to Mill Valley, and perhaps lighten their load. We'll see.

    Love you guys, last day tomorrow!!!!!