Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 2 Nehalem Bay to Cape Lookout 40.5 miles (total miles 84)

Not as many hills as yesterday.  It rained last night but by morning the sun was out and our tents kept us completely dry.  Today's route took us from Nehalem Bay along the coast and around Tillamook Bay.   We had lunch in the little town of Garabaldi along the shore of Tillamook Bay.  Catalina had a grilled cheese and I had a large bowl of clam chowder.  After lunch we passed through Tillamook deciding not to stop at the giant tourist trap that is the Tillamook Cheese Factory but we stopped at a giant Fred Meyer store (the Northwest answer to Walmart) to load up on Tillamook Cheese, apples, and carrots.   

After Tillamook we left the main highway and rode on quiet side roads over one mountain pass to get to Cape Lookout State Park, arriving about 5 with plenty of time to visit the beach.   Tomorrow is the summer solstice so days are as long as they will get here in the Northern Hemisphere. Here at about 45 degrees north latitude it doesn't start getting dark until about 9 pm and isn't really dark u nt after 10 pm.   

The beach at Cape Lookout was nearly deserted.  We had a good time exploring and making sand castles before cooking up some chicken noodle soup for dinner and going to bed.  

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  1. Wow, what an awesome sand castle!! Maggie is super impressed with the petting and feeding of the crab and the squirrel! I think you should post pictures of Catalina and her pet squirrel, by the way.

    What is the temperature like? Here in Texas, we've been mid 90s, so quite comfortable compared to previous years.

    We miss you every day but its a lot of fun keeping track of your daily progress. You must've spent some time surrounded by hills today because it was hard to find you on the iPhone app.

    Almost forgot -- Valentina said she misses you guys more than she thought she would (wink).

    Good riding!