Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rest day in Newport

Today is our first scheduled rest day in Newport.  Grandma drove out to meet us at the little condo we have rented right under the Newport bridge.   We are not on the beach but rather the harbor.   It is about a mile walk down the jetty to Newport's South Beach Park.  We spent the morning at the beach and the afternoon visiting the Oregon Coast Aquarium with a quick visit to the local bike shop in between.   Frankly we were rather underwhelmed with the Aquarium.  We last visited 12 years ago and didn't see a single change or new exhibit.  I think the Cameron Park Zoo in is actually nicer and has some excellent aquarium and river exhibits.  

Here are some iphone shots from the aquarium as I forgot to bring the Canon

We are currently watching the weather closely.   A big storm front is rolling in off the Pacific and is forecast to bring us 2-3 days of heavy rain before the sunny days return.  We may decide to just hunker down in a room to wait out the worst of the rain before returning to the road.  Riding in the rain is one thing.  We do have rain gear.  But camping in the rain is a different matter.  No fun just sitting in a campground watching the rain from your tent.  

Here comes the rain

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