Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Stormy day in Bandon

We decided to spend one more day hiding out from the weather before resuming our bike journey.  But to avoid falling behind schedule we decided to drive from Newport to Bandon where we used VRBO.com to find an interesting old house to rent on the Cocquille River about 3 miles outside Bandon.  There is a small cluster of historic old houses along the river that a woman has been buying up and restoring to make into vacation rentals.   She has four of them.  We are in the 1895 Danish Shipbuilders House.  It is full of antiques and even has an old player piano.  And is much cheaper than the traditional beach rental because we are a few miles from the beach.  Grandma had to return to Salem this morning for an appointment so it is just the 3 of us here. 

It rained a bunch this morning and is now mostly misty and windy outside.  Tomorrow is supposed to be the end of this long storm front off the Pacific and after that the forecast is for nothing but sunny days as we head into California.  Tomorrow morning we will be back on the road rain or shine as we have no more rest days on the schedule.  We will be biking to Humbug Mountain State Park south of Port Orford which is about 40 miles from here.   

Here are some pictures of yesterday's stormy weather at the beach in Bandon where it was blowing more than 40 mph and some pictures of the Danish Shipbuilders House, the Coquille River in front, and the forest behind that I took this morning during a break in the rain.  Note:  I changed the blogger settings to post full size pictures as an experiment.  I think it will still show the smaller picture in the blog but will allow you to click to enlarge.  Let me know if these pictures are harder to load and I'll change the settings back.  I only have an ipad so I don't know now things look on a PC.


  1. I only read the blog from my ipad, so I see no difference with the pictures. Just post them however is easier for you. Sorry to hear you've had all this rain. We're glad you are getting back on the bike though. These days have been not too hot here in Texas, mostly in the low to mid 90s but we are still ready to join you for some cool Pacific Coast weather!

  2. Almost forgot... I've been wondering how in the world did you fit a recumbent bike, a tandem bike, a trailer, two grandparents, a kid and yourself in our car?