Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 8 Elk Prairie to Eureka KOA 48.5 miles (total miles 329.5)

We awoke to a misty morning in Elk Prairie and were on the way at 9 am after saying goodbye to the elk that were blocking the path to the bathroom and showers this morning.

No big mountains today but lots of little ones as the rolling terrain brought us back to the coast where we had our mid-morning apple snack along side a coastal lagoon.

It was pleasant riding for the most part.  My Adventure Cycling map which is usually reliable took us on a variety of side roads away from busy highway 101 that were much hillier but with nearly no traffic. Some of the views of the ocean were quite spectacular.  This is near the small town of Trinidad where we had lunch.  

Catalina was not particularly happy with the healthy lunch options available at the little vegan cafe we found in Trinidad. Next time she won't be so quick to demand "just stop at the first place we get to. I'm so hungry even my back aches!"
Back on road after Trinidad the map guided us off the highway again to a bike path north of McKinleyville which was supposed to take us along the dunes and coastline through McKinleyville to Arcata.  For the first 5 miles we had a beautiful paved bike path along the dunes until....whoops?  Where did the bike path go?   This looks more like a horse trail or mountain bike trail not something for a tandem and trailer.

Doesn't look like it but this is at least a 10% grade....nothing to do but push the heavy rig up.

A mile later....whew, we got our bike path back!

The map took us through deserted country roads into Arcata where we bought groceries and rode another 4 miles down the road to the Eureka KOA. 

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  1. He, he, that is hilarious! Poor Catalina. Wow, you guys have certainly worked out, when you're not in a hotel room waiting for the rain to pass.... just kidding, I know you've been riding hard.

    The pictures are awesome, as always. Keep posting!